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All Your rights set out in this Rental Agreement are in addition to your rights as a consumer (‘Applicable Law’) under applicable consumer protection legislation, including the Australian Consumer Law. Your Consumer Rights are not excluded, restricted or modified by this Rental Agreement.  You can find out more about Your Consumer Rights from consumer organisations and bodies such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and State/Territory fair trading authorities.

Hire Agreement | Terms and Conditions

This hire is subject to the terms and conditions of this contract as recorded here, available from the hiring agent with the vehicle hereby hired. All Hirer’s are to read and accept the Hirer’s declaration before signing.

You should not sign this Agreement unless you are sure you understand its effect and are prepared to take responsibility for the vehicle here by hired for the period of this agreement and until the vehicle is returned to the Owner.

DO NOT PROCEED with this hire if you are unwilling or unable to meet any consequential safety and financial risks and obligations arising from the hire and your chosen usage plus any extra fees, tolls, fines, accidents, breakdowns or recovery costs that may occur during the hire.

This agreement authorises the company to charge nominated cards and take other action to collect debts from the hirer and to exchange details with debt collection agencies and other affiliated companies.


1. Hirer………………………………………………………………

2. 2nd Hirer…………………………………………………………

I, the above named person, agree to hire the vehicle identified on a SELF SERVE basis for the fee and period shown on this page having read and accepted the Company’s terms and conditions available to me here in printed form for the motor vehicle and/or trailer, as appropriate, hereby hired and defined below as the ‘vehicle’. I acknowledge all information provided by me is true and correct,

Joint Hirers and all drivers must be named on this Contract and are joint and severally responsible under this Agreement to strictly observe all conditions and actions listed.  In the event Self Move Hire has to make a change to the vehicles make, model, type or registration number as listed on the Hire Agreement, the terms of Hire as listed transfer to the new vehicle in full and as listed in this hire agreement.

No oral statements over ride this written Agreement which is the whole Agreement between the Company and the Hirer(s). The Agreement applies equally regardless of the Hirer(s) being a Company, constituted body or male or female.

  1. Vehicle Monitoring

All vehicles are fitted with vehicle tracking technology which enables the Owner to monitor the location and performance of its vehicle fleet.  By hiring this vehicle and signing this Agreement; you acknowledge that the vehicle named in this agreement will be under GPS monitoring technology and that speed, location and fuel levels will be recorded from time to time.  This information may be used to confirm or clarify information relating to the hire.

Tampering of the GPS voids any insurance cover and will result in your Security Deposit being withheld and the immediate termination of your hire agreement.

  1. Driver Licence Requirements

A valid driving licence from the renter’s country of residence must be presented in person at the time of rental. This licence must include a photo and be written in English and must represent legally authorised, uninterrupted driving privileges, and unrestricted Driver Licence (i.e. not a probationary Licence) in the country of residence for at least one year immediately prior to the rental pick-up date.

This licence must certify the driver as qualified to legally operate the class and category of vehicle being rented.  All driver licences printed non Latin/Roman characters must be accompanied by a valid International Driving Permit (IDP).  All forms of documentation must be issued to the same person, in the same name, and presented together at the time of rental.  Note: Chinese Driver Licences are acceptable as long as they are also accompanied with a full English translation from an approved translator. This also includes a notary translation done in China.

Hire cannot be given to anyone who presents an invalid driver licence for any reason.  In the event your licence is found to be invalid or becomes invalid during the hire period, you must immediately cease driving the vehicle and contact Self Move Hire.  Any Insurance cover previously provided or purchased becomes invalid and you are liable for the full replacement cost of the vehicle in the event of an insurance claim or the full cost of repairs in the event of minor damages.

  1. Additional Driver Policy

Additional drivers must meet the same restrictions as the primary driver and be listed on the hire agreement to receive cover.  Failure to name all drivers on this Agreement voids any insurance cover and will result in your Security Deposit being withheld.

  1. Security Deposit

Security Deposits are payable at the commencement of each hire using a nominated Debit or Credit Card.  The Security Deposit maybe refunded at the end of the hire period, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Any additional fees or charges incurred during your hire, maybe be deducted from your Security Deposit.  If applicable, the unused portion of the Security Deposit will be refunded to you. Depending on your bank, this may take up to 10 business days. Self Move Hire will not be held responsible for any overdraft fees or other bank charges incurred by you as a result of this policy.

Self Move Hire will withhold Security Deposits when:

  • the vehicle is not returned on time,
  • returned damaged,
  • keys are lost or not returned,
  • the hirer fails to submit pre or post hire photographs,
  • if non-named driver is found to have driven the vehicle,
  • the vehicle is involved in an accident, collision or has damage,
  • the hirer has incurred additional hire costs,
  • or for any other breach of this hire agreement.
  1. Before & After Hire Photographs

Self Move Hire uses ‘before and after’ photos to help establish the condition of the vehicle.  It’s a condition of this Hire Agreement that Hirer submit before and after photographs to https://book.selfmovehire.com/self-serve prior to and upon the conclusion of the hire.  Self Move Hire require 4 x photos of all four sides of the vehicle, 1 x photo showing the odometer and the fuel gauge and a photo of the Hirer(s) Driving licence. Six(6) photographs in total for both the pre-hire and post-hire.  Failure to properly submit photographs will result in any Security Deposit being withheld.

  1. Tolls and Payments

You must pay all tolls at the time of travel or agree to notify Self Move Hire within 48 hours of the Toll being used.  Otherwise accept a standard $33 administration fee charge plus the cost of the toll for each toll incurred will be applied to the Hirers account.

  1. Marketing & Communications

The Hirer permits the company to send follow-up correspondence and an email relating to the Hirer, both verbal and written and the Hirer understands they can unsubscribe from receiving future emails at any time thereafter.

  1. Insurance and insurance excess

Standard Insurance Cover is included in most hire rates. Standard Insurance Cover reduces Hirers liability from the full value of the vehicle to a nominated excess of $7000 subject to the terms and conditions of the standard insurance product. Global insurance coverage’s are always subject to change. Please verify at time of rental.

Excess Reduction Cover

Excess Reduction Cover can be purchased at the time of hire to reduce the excess payable in the event of an insurance claim.  Coverage conditions may vary by vehicle or rental type. Hirer may inquire for additional information of the benefits, conditions and acceptance at the time of rental.

Excess Reduction Cover is charged at $20 or 20% of the total hire amount (whichever is greater) and once purchased will reduce the excess payable to $1000; subject to the stated terms and conditions. The Excess Reduction fee cannot be used to waive the excess after a collision has occurred. It is only available to purchase at the time of booking and/or prior to the commencement of the hire. The stated Excess payment is payable on demand, after the damage has been assessed and before any damage claim will be accepted by the Owner.

No insurance cover is provided when

  • this Agreement is breached by the Hirer,
  • the vehicle is overdue and hire extensions are unauthorised and/or not paid in advance of usage,
  • the driver is not named on the Agreement, has an invalid or suspended Licence or is under the minimum stated age,
  • you drive the Hire into a bridge, a tunnel, a tree or the roof or boom gate of a car park,
  • cause under-body damage (for example, damage to the exhaust systems, suspension and chassis) caused by carelessly driving over gutters or kerbs or driving along poor quality roads at excessive speeds; water damage; or damage caused by breach of the rental agreement, negligence or breaching any applicable traffic laws.
  • damage is caused whilst reversing
  • other damage not covered by insurance such as flood, mechanical and overhead damage or where damage has been caused as a result of the hirer’s negligence
  • the driver is found to be intoxicated or unfit to drive the vehicle by law
  1. Tyre & Windscreen,

The hirer is responsible for all tyre and/or windscreen damage that occurs whilst the vehicle is in their possession and will be responsible for the payment to fix/replace any damaged tyres or windscreens. This liability is waived by the hirer by paying the insurance excess waiver of 20% of hire unless otherwise stated to reduce the payable insurance excess and cover the windscreens and tyres during the hire period.

  1. Keys

In the event the keys provided to you at the time of hire are either lost, damaged or not returned on completion of the hire the hirer must pay $700 for the full cost of a locksmith to cut new keys and install new replacement locking barrels to the hire vehicle.

  1. Fuel

To avoid further costs being applied to your account, it is important that all hires are returned with a full tank of fuel.  The nominated fuel type can be found on the hire agreement or on the inside of the fuel cap.  If the hire is not returned fully fuelled, the hirer will be charged the cost of replacement fuel at $2.50 per litre plus a fee of $33 to cover the cost of refuelling.

  1. Accidents, Collisions or Damage

Report any vehicle damage, accident and/or collisions to the owner immediately (or within four (4) hours) and provide Police and witness details for all accidents and collisions. Self Move Hire will provide you with an Accident/Collision report form – which must be completed fully.  Written reports of all accidents, damage or collisions including but not limited to: single vehicle accidents, collisions with wild animals, unknown impacts, road traffic accidents etc. are to be forwarded to admin@selfmovehire.com within 48 hours of the accident along with any other supporting documentation.

The nominated excess payment must accompany all accident and collision reports before Self Move Hire will provide insurance cover to the Hirer. Hire and other property damage (as applicable) not reported and accompanied by the applicable payment of the insurance excess amount, within 48 hours of the collision, remains the responsibility of the hirer.

  1. Roadside Assistance

Free 24/7 Roadside Assistance is provided for inherent mechanical faults in the Vehicle but fees and charges apply for all other faults or driver induced errors, unless you purchase Roadside Assistance Protection.  Generally, these fees and charges apply to faults and driver induced errors such as:

  • a flat battery (and not due to mechanical fault);
  • lost keys, keyless start or remote control device;
  • the key, keyless start or remote control device has been locked in the vehicle;
  • changing a wheel as the result of a flat or damaged tyre; or
  • running out of fuel;

Roadside Assistance Protection may be purchased for $20 per day or part thereof; at the time of hire, to provide cover for:

  • sufficient fuel to allow the vehicle to be driven to the nearest service station; or providing tow to the nearest service station when providing sufficient fuel is not possible or practical;
  • unlocking the vehicle when the keys, keyless start or remote control device has been locked in the vehicle;
  • changing a wheel as the result of a flat tyre;
  • starting the vehicle if the battery is flat because you have left the headlights or interior lights on or the air-conditioning, entertainment system or other electrical equipment operating when the engine is not running;
  • the cost of a replacement battery which has failed as a result of the driver leaving the headlights or interior lights on or the air-conditioning, entertainment system or other electrical equipment operating when the engine is not running; and
  • towing, as a result of something the driver has done to, or caused to the vehicle

Towing is to the nearest approved repairer as nominated by Self Move Hire only. Towing can be arranged to the Hirer preferred destination at an additional fee.  Self Move Hire will endeavour to provide a replacement vehicle in the event of inherent mechanical failure, where availability and location allow.  It is under no obligation to provide a replacement vehicle or provide any refund or pay any monies or compensation to the hirer or be responsible for any goods being transported, as a result of downtime caused by inherent mechanical failure.

  1. Unauthorised or Prohibited Use

Use of this Hire is not permitted while the Driver(s) is:

  • Intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as defined by law.
  • driving with an invalid or suspended licence, under the minimum age or not named on the Hire Agreement
  • driving or towing if inexperienced with the vehicle type.

Use of this Hire is not permitted for:

  • transportation of any goods which require a specialist licence to transport or for any illegal activity.
  • carrying any animal or pet whatsoever. If you do, you are taking and accepting full responsibility for injury or damage in connection with the animal being carried; and will not be entitled to any refund of your security deposit or other compensation and may be charged cleaning, administration or insurance excess charges that will be applicable at the time of investigation.
  • any race, trial or paceway event or drive in any overloaded or dangerous manner. If caught, then you will be referred to the police and this hire agreement will become null and void.

The Hire must NOT:

  • be immersed in any river, sea or flood waters or driven on unsealed or private roads or on any raceway or dirt track for the purpose of organised off road, track or speedway events.
  • be overloaded or driven in a dangerous manner.
  • Used for any illegal activity whatsoever
  • Driven off road, on dirt roads or on surfaces not designed for use by a 2WD vehicle.
  1. Payment & Debit Collection Methods

Self Move Hire accepts any Debit or Credit Card for the payment of a vehicle rental which:

  • is issued by a bank or other financial institution; and
  • displays the MasterCard or Visa logo; and
  • has the customer’s name and card number on the card; and
  • has a valid expiry date

At commencement of rental, Self Move Hire does not accept a prepaid or reloadable stored value card, a travel money card or an EFTPOS card. A credit or debit card as outlined above must be presented at commencement of rental. Upon completion of rental, some Self Move Hire locations may accept cash as a form of payment however an approved Debit or Credit Card will be required for the payment of any security deposit.

At the start of your rental, payment will be placed on your account for total rental charges plus the mandatory security deposit of $400.  Charges will be processed after completion of the rental and if applicable the unused portion of the security deposit will be refunded to you; subject to the terms of this Agreement. Depending on your bank, this may take up to 10 business days.

Self Move Hire will not be held responsible for any overdraft fees or other bank charges incurred by you as a result of this refund policy.

The following fees are payable when purchasing using a credit or debit card:

  • Visa/Mastercard Credit/Debit Card     1.5%
  1. Late Fee Policy
    Self Move Hire provides a 15 minute grace period for the return of hires.  For any vehicle returned (in excess of 30 minutes) after the booked drop off time, a late fee will be applied.  For the period after 30 mins to an hour, and each consecutive hour after that, a late fee of $40 will be applied for each hour the vehicle is returned late.  If Excess Reduction Insurance has been pre-purchased, then this portion will also be added to the late hire fee.
  1. Payment
    Payment for all hires and any additional charges including but not limited to: hire, fines, late return, insurance, infringements, fuel, excess, late payment etc. is required immediately by the Hirer; upon notification of these charges by Self Move Hire.

Self Move Hire reserves the right to deduct any monies owing from the Security Deposit.  If after 14 days following notification, Self Move Hire has not received payment in full for outstanding monies owed, it may, without further notification, pass the debt onto our appointed Collections Agent.  In the event of a debt being passed to our collections agent, an administration fee equal to 20% of the debt will be automatically applied to your account.

  1. Cancellation Policy

Local Hires: 

  • Up to 48 hours before pickup time there is a cancellation fee of $33 payable.
  • Within 48 hours of the nominated pick up date, no refund of monies paid is permitted.

One-Way Hires & Interstate Hires:

  • Up to 14 days of the booking date, cancellation is permitted less the Security Deposit paid.
  • Within 14 days of a booking being confirmed there is no refund permitted.
  1. Customer Services Helpline

Self Move Hire can be contacted on 1300 826 883, 7 days a week between 9am and 5pm.  Alternatively you can email any enquiries to: admin@selfmovehire.com.au and we will respond as soon as possible.

For 24/7 Roadside Assistance support, call (02) 9339 4803

  1. Hirer Responsibilities

The Hirer must agree as follows:

  • check and maintain all relevant oil and radiator coolant levels and tyre air pressures, during the hire period. The Hirer must accept liability for any damage occurred during the hire if engine oil and coolant levels are not maintained or if the vehicle is driven when warning indicators are displayed on the instrument panel or if the tyre is over/under inflated.
  • check the vehicle for road-worthiness, safety and suitability for intended use prior to and during the hire is the responsibility of the hirer. STOP & CALL Self Move Hire immediately, if any malfunction, defect or discrepancy is encountered, or if unable, or unsure, in regard to the condition of the vehicle, or the requirements of this Agreement. Failure to do so may result in loss of hire, and repair costs.
  • accept responsibility for all traffic violations, fines and toll road fees accrued during the hire period.  Secure all loads with fasteners of appropriate strength & number to prevent movement of loads and accept all liability arising from damage to the load, or caused by the load moving, during the hire.  Adhere to all local laws in relation to the transportation of loads.
  • pay on demand any charges for excess kilometres travelled beyond the initial agreement at the rate stated on the recent price list as of time of call, late return fees, parking fines, speeding fines, admin or other fees or charges incurred during your hire period.
  • accept the owner has a right to repossess, track or isolate the hired vehicle without notice and at the Hirer’s expense if it is illegally parked, used in violation of the law or in violation of this Agreement.
  • read and understand the terms and conditions of hire and their obligations under the hire agreement.

INITIALS OF HIRER(s). I have read and accept all Conditions of Hire as stated above and agree that all pre-existing damage is correctly shown and described above:

(1). 1st HIRER………………………………………………………     2nd if applicable……………………………………………………

DECLARATION BY AGENT: I have instructed the Customer to read the Agreement above and below. I CONFIRM that the payment has been received and that the IDENTITY and SIGNATURE of the Customer match his/her Driver’s Licence.

(AGENT’s Signature)……………………………………………..      NAME:……………………………………………………